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During the months of March through August, hundreds of tornadoes form over the United States. While most tornadoes that strike during tornado season cause little to no damage, a few tornadoes are responsible for significant or total losses to American businesses each year. READ MORE >>

If you're going on a summer trip, there will probably be plenty of highlights along the way, but the last highlight you and your family need is the unexpected happening to your vehicle. From tire punctures and dead batteries to lost keys and a bone-dry radiator, unexpected breakdowns can be time consuming and rather expensive to take care of. READ MORE >>

The calculation of an auto insurance premium is a complex process, and a number of different factors are taken into consideration. While details such as your age, vehicle and driving record are crucial to the process, where you live is equally important. READ MORE >>

The rising cost of living is creating problems for millions of hard-working people across the country, and auto insurance is by no means immune from such inflationary pressures. An increasing number of drivers are realizing that their driving style directly affects the insurance premiums they pay. READ MORE >>

You know that you need to have insurance on your vehicle, but what type of insurance do you really need? Everyone should have liability insurance to make sure that they will not lose everything if they are involved in an accident. Liability insurance covers any injuries or damages that are caused to another vehicle, individual, or property. READ MORE >>

Your employees expect many things from you in return for them working hard for you every day. They trust that you will ensure business keeps running, paychecks are on time and you’re protecting their livelihood. One way you can ensure you’re meeting their expectations, even in the face of disaster, is securing the right insurance to protect your business. READ MORE >>

The Internet is a wonderful thing. One of the best things about the Internet is the power to precisely and promptly check facts and figures from a number of different sources. These effects are most easily felt by those who sell services, rather than products, online. READ MORE >>

Click below to be entered in the CapCity Insurance Services Grammy Favorite Contest! The link will take you to the CapCity Insurance Services Facebook page. Like CapCity's Facebook page and fill out the form with your favorite 2013 Grammy Winner.  Your entry will be placed in a drawing to be held on Friday, February 22nd. READ MORE >>

There are many things that influence the rising costs of car insurance for young drivers. Statistics show that younger drivers were far more likely to make a claim than older drivers. These claims accounted for a disproportionate amount of money paid out by insurance companies when compared to more mature drivers. READ MORE >>

Many changes to flood zone maps occurred over several counties in Texas since 2010. If your home’s location has been reclassified as a flood zone and you no longer have a mortgage on it then you may not know about these changes because you are not required to buy flood insurance. READ MORE >>

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